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The right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

The magic formula?
By combining dynamic content with personalized delivery tracking, you create cross-selling opportunities for your brand.

How does it work?
You offer targeted content for targeted recipients.

You enrich your post-purchase customer experience with marketing operations in line with your brand strategy.


Delivery tracking as a loyalty and re-engagement weapon.

Discover how to extend and transform your customer experience, during and after delivery.


Take control of your strategy!

You can customize the content of delivery tracking pages according to the information contained in your shipment files: zip code, title, product type.

You can also add personalized fields, opening up an infinite number of possibilities: messages for new customers, complementary products, contextualization according to your customers’ interests…

In short, you decide, you build, you define and you respond to your customers’ expectations and desires!


How about monetizing your tracking pages?

Custom content placements offer you the opportunity to monetize your tracking pages by inserting one or more AdSense inserts.

Tracking page

✔ Customizable tracking with your brand image.
✔ Interactive and scripted tracking frieze.
✔ Tracking available in 15 languages.
✔ Forecasted delivery date.
✔ Geolocation and information about the pickup point.
✔ Tips and procedures to follow during and after delivery.
✔ Address error portal.
✔ Return portal.
✔ Banner ads, cross-selling blocks, retargeting, etc.


✔ Notification of the recipient by email and sms on 20 pre-configured events.
✔ Recipient’s reminder on some critical events.
✔ Customization of the sender of SMS notifications.
✔ Customization of email sender with dedicated SMTP configuration.
✔ Unlimited and customizable scenarios by order, shipment type, destination area, period, special event, etc.
✔ Free notification contents allowing conditional text.
✔ Parameterization of notification sending slots (during the day, out of weekend, etc.).
✔ Automatic time zone management.
✔ SMS receipt acknowledgement, feedback in case of wrong number.
✔ Acknowledgement of consultation and clicks on sms, mails and tracking pages.
✔ A/B testing of communication scenarios.
✔ Confirmation and evaluation of delivery.
✔ Predict mode (untracked shipments).
✔ Tracking page for non-tracking shipments.
✔ Setting up alerts for your customer service department based on events, damage declared by a recipient or an evaluation left below an informed threshold.


☑ History of client consultations.
☑ History of notifications sent.
☑ Control of the respect of your delivery commitments. Comparison between your announced delivery time and actual time.